Saturday, December 13, 2008


so for all those people out there that care to know how i'm doing right now well to be honest i' m really not doing well i am having a really hard time trusting what iam supposed to do i really want to go to school cause iam liking it right now but i feel like its all crumbling around me cause i dont have a place to live or a job so its getting to a point were i dont know what to do so my only choice is to drop out of school again like i did in high school and go work for a while and try and start all over again but see that would mean i have to go to my moms house i Louisiana and to be honest i dont want to do that i would like to do thing on my own but as it stands now its really hard to do that when it fells like no one is giving you a chance so i guess with all the faith in the world i dont feel like anything is happing for me i have a week left t olive where iam living and then another week some where else and then i dont have any idea where iam living after that so if you feel lead pray for me that i would do what god want s me to do