Monday, August 2, 2010

walking by faith

All the things I've been threw in my life I have to admit that the hardest thing I've ever had to do was walking in faith trusting god with everything I mean even when he's always been there for me done a lot more than anybody in my life Its still hard to give everything to him and let him lead the way as much as I want to do that,that is something I struggle with everyday he's gotten me threw a lot of hard times but sometimes feels like he's not there and the truth is,is that he is always there for me even when I don't hear him see him or feel his presents I've been going threw a lot lately and I really need his guidance to under stand my purpose in this world I know I've been struggling in my faith the last couple years and trying to do thing on my own with out considering what his plans are for me I know he's still there looking out for me and for that I would like to say sorry father for all the evil and deceitful and pride full things I've done and I pray that you forgive me and that you allow me to forgive myself and not live in the past but look to the future and the things you have in store for me lord I want to live with you and for you I want every thing I do to bring glory to your name and not to me and for you top give me courage and strength and hope faith to follow you and to trust that you know what's right for me and for me to just live in that for the rest of my life here on earth amen