Monday, January 19, 2009

why ?

why dose it seem like every thing i try to do fails i mean i keep trying and trying but get the same results no matter how hard i try i still get no where and end up worse off then i did before i tried so now iam getting to the point where i no longer want to try for anything i mean really with my trake record ill mess up everything i ever try to do right but i'm pretty sure no one really cares about this so ill just contineu to talk to myself since no one reads my blogs anyway so yeah i give up iam moving back home to my moms in march or maybe sooner hopefully sooner cause i really need to get away from life for a while and just do nothing cause thats what iam good at is doing nothing so i guess thats what ill do the one thing iam good at is doing nothing so ill do that goodbye people

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comment fairy said...

Buck, you are good at lots of things in life. I pray that in the days/weeks/months to come that you will feel the presence of God guiding and leading you to where you are suppose to be.